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dumfries - 03/08/19

We are proud to bring you a musical treat from none other than MC XANDER headlining our mainstage,.Who has amassed over 8 million views on YouTube with his mixture of Beatbox, Socially conscious song writing and mesmerising Live Looping. See Line Up section above for the full line up

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We are not your usual stereotype Music Festival. We have an issue we want to highlight. That being that Cannabis not only should be decriminalised but celebrated and shared recreationally. That is why together with the backing of the Dumfries and Galloway Cannabis Social Club and the UKCSC we have been able to organise this superb event for us all to relax, socialise, browse the Canna Trade Stalls and listen to some top notch tunes! As well as the musicians we have some special guest appearances arranged for our 'Speakers Corner' from Greg De Hoedt (UKCSC Founder & Chairman),  Simpa Carter (Weed World Magazine), Phil James (Brain Cancer Survivor) & Karen Gray (NHS Cannabis for Scotland) who will all be sharing their own personal stories of how Cannabis has helped them so far. And also explaining where they see the current Law reform going, and whether or not they feel that we are getting any closer to some form of decriminalisation taking place in the UK or not.  

Going on alongside the entertainment we will have multiple Trade Stalls displaying anything from handcrafted smoking rigs to Hemp manufactured clothing.  CBD stalls, a Spiritual Tent, our resident Graffiti Artist displaying his own unique prints & more to a live demonstration arranged from some top glassblowers.  As well as all of the above we have the DGCSC Chill Out Tents, Food Stands, Campsite and a couple of surprises in store for the GYO Crew!  

We know that the first official UK Cannafest will be one to remember

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Cannabis Law in the United Kingdom, Jan 2019

Contrary to belief , and although some forms of Cannabis are currently legal inside the UK.  

The main component THC, is still illegal. With CBD being now sold in High Street shops and Supermarkets nationwide.

We here at Cannafest believe that the THC component needs to be treat in the same manner as CBD and sold via registered dispensaries and Cannabis Clubs. Further more than this we feel that Cannabis should be completely removed from the Scheduled Controlled Drug List and classified as a medicine, and be truly accepted as a nutritional benefit once and for all. With so many countries around the world now having had some form of decriminalisation take place already. And many of these countries being from inside the United Nations bracket. As with the recent findings of the links to the current UK Prime Minister, Theresa May and her husband's Capita Group Investments share in one of the Worlds Largest Cannabis Crops. Which currently blooms in British Sugars Whittington Factory.  With all of the above and major action groups like the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs (www.ukcsc.co.uk) and many more currently in the UK fighting for free choice.  And more specifically the right to grow our own Cannabis, just like the powers that be already do!  We are sure that the times are changing but we need to keep making noise. Power in numbers is the way to be heard. That is why we want to put on a peaceful gathering of like minded individuals who all want the same thing. Cannabis to be freely available and be regulated and safe for all.

If you would like to have a stall at the event or have any other queries. Please get in touch with us via email at ukcannafest@gmail.com. Also if you would like to Sponsor the event we have Sponsorship opportunities available. The fee for the pitch is £50 depending on size of stall. This covers one member of staff's admission to the event, for any additional members a £20 fee is applied there after. For large company parties a further discount can be made.


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